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I've decided to start a series of posts called "puffy heart".  I could call it something else, yes, but since that has become my coined term for things I share here on the blog that I absolutely adore, it fits.  So be looking for regular posts that are filled with joy, silliness, yumminess and home.

The Forgotten Cookie

As a child I have very fond memories when it comes to holidays.  They were always brimming with yummy foods, family time and gift giving.  We had a large family on my Mother's side that was loud, joyful and full of holiday cheer!!  My Dad was an only child, but I also remember his mother spending much of the holidays with us as well.  And she could cook!!  Oh, yeah.

We had certain food items that were made each year.  Like my Mother's graham cracker fruitcake....yes, I will be sharing that as well here!!  Molly and my favorite by far though was the Forgotten Cookie.  Maybe it was the mystery of what happens in an oven overnight....I don't know.  But these cookies seem a bit magical.  I also personally think that when you bite into one of these and it literally melts on your tongue...if you think about it really hard its like sparkly snow on your tongue!
Mailey and I made these last night for her "Cookie Exchange" today.  They are super easy!  Here's the recipe:

*Preheat oven to 350'

       2 egg whites
       pinch of salt
      2/3 cup white sugar
      1 cup chopped pecans (I NEVER do this, but in case you want to)
      one bag of chocolate chips  (this time we used Andes Mint brand Peppermint chips and OMG....we will use nothing but.  It's in the red bag, not green.  All chopped and ready to go.  Also fabulous are mint chocolate chips)

Beat egg whites and salt until a soft peak forms. Gradually add sugar and beat until sugar is dissolved.  Fold in nuts and chips.  Line cookie sheet with aluminum foil.  Drop cookies on sheet not too close together.  Turn the oven OFF and leave over night.  No peeking!!  In the morning, enjoy!!

This recipe is one you can easily double without messing up the texture. 

For a little something extra we sprinkled snowflake nonpariels while the mixture was still moist.  With the red and white chips and the snowflakes this cookie is sure to be a snowy treat for Mailey's friends tonight!!  I hope you enjoy making these!!

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Kerry said...

Sounds great Jenni, I'm going to try this sweet treat.

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