Puffy Heart

I've decided to start a series of posts called "puffy heart". I could call it something else, yes, but since that has become my coined term for things I share here on the blog that I absolutely adore, it fits. So be looking for regular posts that are filled with joy, silliness, yumminess and home.

Cooper and Xavier

Seriously....seriously?  Could this pottery be more fun???  I had to have these for Billy and I.  Yep.  Had to.  And yes, the potters named them Xavier and Cooper.  Geesh.  I puffy heart this find.  Want to know a little more about the dynamic potter duo? (because they are super cool...and look alot like a Ken and Barbie doll just warning ya!)  Head over to their site: Nelson Studio (Ug-Chugs)

OMG....look at that face!!!!!!

1 comment:

Debbie said...

How funny, they got me SMILING!!

Love your idea about "Puffy Heart" look forward to more finds!!

Happy Holidays!!


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