What's your Color Story?

This week marks the last week in the first course of the online artsy class I've been taking.  It has been a very beneficial class, and one that I have found myself getting really lost in.  Everyday during my "duty free" lunch I sit with a warm bowl of soup in my favorite hand painted bowl, open the blog and become...well....for lack of better word MOTIVATED.  Motivated to get out there more.  Like out there in the design world in a totally new capacity.  I know, like I need another thing to keep me busy.  But here's the thing.  I know deep down inside my heart that I have more to say and that this creative journey has lead me all the way to where I am now for a specific reason.  All the jobs, teaching, friends, lost friendships, heartbreaks, art classes, etc. are a part of something bigger than I can see the outer ring of.  It's like the horizon line where the ocean and sky appear to meet.  It's not over for me.  Nope. 

I'm in a very different place than I was a year ago.  That's is for sure.  Physically, mentally and more than really I should share here.  It's been transforming to my art going back to work full-time.  But it has been good.  And this class is a huge part of the good.  Because it's keeping me motivated to stay in the circle.  Let me tell ya, it would be VERY easy to stop blogging, stop painting, stop making jewelry and just teach.  Very.  But I just can't.  My heart will not let me. 

So......I did want to share my homework from last week.  Because I like it.  It was fun!!  Our assignment was to take photos of all sorts of things and from that photo create a color story.   And then implement that color story into more homework. Well, seeing as how I just finished decorating for the holidays, this became my first story board!  It appears this holiday I am decorating with lots of pink and blue.  Well, actually since I didn't buy much of anything to decorate with, I have always decorated with pink and blue.  Well, what can I say?

Here are a few other shots of the holiday decorations.  The ornaments are all from my Grandmother Adkins.  I love that part of the story.
The balls below are giant Shiny Brights I found at a thrift store last year for I think$3.00  Sweet find.  I know!!

The second part of our homework was to observe our own closets for color inspirations.  Hmmm.....seeing as how my closet is literally white, black, gray and denim I was not about to make a color story about that!    Plus we were asked if we wore lots of black to get outside of that little box and try a color or a pattern.  So while cruising the aisles at TJMaxx I found this sweet shirt below:

First, the colors I never ever wear.  Secondly, you NEVER see me in pattern.  Ever (well, my Boden raincoat does not count.  Outerwear should always be patterned and fun!).  So not only is the color freaking me out, so is the pattern.  But I bought it, and created this lovely color story.  Which will find its' way into a painting very soon!!  And that was the point of the homework.  To look around and gather color stories from places outside of the crayon box.   You'd be amazed at how I see color now.  Heck, I was taking photos of the soda bottles in VRichards Sunday and got all sorts of looks.  But the colors screamed Camper painting!!

So I challenge you to create a color story from things around you.  See where you use color and where you do not.  Turns out my house is a place of fabulous colors....my closet on the other hand is rather drab!  What does that say about me?  hmmmm....Either way, I am loving the new eyes and the direction it is leading me around the circle.

**On a side note...the orange little snappy dress I was photographed in above, well that was the one and only time I've worn it!  I need to get that out and wear it!  Orange is my favorite color, so why not wear it!


Kelly said...

Ha! That was the first thing I looked at after reading your blog, was the little orange dress you were wearing in your profile pic :) You look great in color! Definitely wear more of it! Sunds like you're having a ball with that class...

Mobile Cone Crusher Plant said...

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