Little Birdies By Little Hands

Yep.  I am so smitten with these bird sculptures my after school art students made!!  Here's how we made them in a few easy steps:

1.  wad up a double sheet of newspaper into a birdish shape.  (Each birdie was TOTALLY different in shape.  I love, love, love the fat bird above and really wanted to keep it.  Juju said no, very politely of course....)
2.  wrap the entire paper wad in masking tape. yep. entire thing.  (a note on masking tape:  DO NOT ever ever ever buy dollar store masking tape.  It's stickiness is nonexistent.  Waste o' money.  Buy the good stuff.)
3.  using heavy duty white paper towels and liquid starch wrap the bird shape at least twice in this icky concoction (liquid starch is the bomb for mache with kids.  it's non-toxic and comes right out of clothes.  and cheaper than glue)
4.  let dry....and dry...and dry....it took days for some reason
5.  paint with a beautiful blue paint, add wings, eyes, beak and glue to tiny candlestick stand painted black!

In retrospect I totally wish we'd glittered these up.  It could be easily done with spray glue and dusty glitter.
Each birdie had so much personality.  I am super glad we tried this!  This particular session in afterschool it was all about sculpture.  And although we mostly made clay projects, I found this papier mache to be the most successful and most fun for the kids!  I bet 10% had actually made something with papier mache.  So now it is 100%!  The session we are currently in is all about holiday.  Wait until you see what we made!!  I can't spoil it for parents, so it may be a spell before I can show you!

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