Little Christmas Vignettes Day 2

Onward we go up the stairs to find this little vignette nestled so sweetly for all to see:
We have a unique staircase that makes a hard left turn on the way up.  The builder placed this super cool corner shelf at the turn...NOT.    I mean seriously who needs a shelf in the corner of the stairs on the way up?  Is it supposed to be a bench to rest on the way up or something?  Anyhoo....while decorating I had an "AHA" moment for the corner bench/shelf/decorating thorn in my side.  I found the awesome feather tree at the Country Living Fair.  It's decorated with gorgeous vintage Shiney Brights from the fair as well!  The sweet sugary houses were a purchase years ago from TJ Maxx.  The $5.99 sticker makes me smile real big.
 Vintage books with the covers ripped off are a staple for my vignettes.  My go-to riser.

Tomorrow...a peek at the renovated half-bath.  So it'll be a before and after peek as well!

1 comment:

linwood avenue said...

this was my favorite nook when I saw it last week. if you weren't a painter, you would have made one hell of a stylist!

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