Christmas Vignettes Day 1

We've enjoyed preparing our home so much for the Holiday season.  I thought I'd share a few of our favorites over the next few days until Christmas.  I know...I know...this is supposed to be an artsy blog.  But decorating is such a sweet passion of mine.  I hope to share more of my decorating tips and ideas in the new year here.  It is big a part of my creative expression.  Yep.. one big creative explosion in this house.  Good thing I married a very patient and very easy going man.

So on with the tour.....this is how the Horne family is greeting its' guests for the Christmas Season:

The front door has no protection, so I literally bought picks and ornaments for the wreath at Wal-mart so at the end of the season, should they be pretty funky, I could throw them out without a cringe.  I wanted lots of sparkly too because when the sun hits the door it is magical.  Totally.  Magical....I LOVE driving up to our home and seeing this.  I started with a basic pine wreath, added lots of fresh greenery for smell goodness and then added the sparkly pics, nest and bird.
Inside you are immediately greeted with the banister totally decked out with lighted garland, more sparkly nests, silver painted leaves and this amazing creamy ribbon I found at Heeney.  I've never had stairs to decorate.  So you can only imagine how tickled I was this year to be adding this to our Christmas decoration box!
The balcony area received the same garland strands.  Below is a close-up of the coveted ribbon and sparkly nests.  The ribbon is by far my favorite ribbon find ever.

This vignette is also in the entry way.  I just love glitter house and have been slowly collecting them over the years. A few bottle trees and snow make this scene a wintery wonderland!

Of course our home would not be complete without one of these.
Because it is the reason we are blessed every year.  And look forward to the next!


Catherine Denton said...

Beautiful tour! I love your wreath idea.
Catherine Denton

Lori Craig said...

Beautiful! That ribbon is gorgeous!

Felicia said...

What a lovely door wreath, your home looks so Christmasy!

buy rift account said...

WoW! such a lovely decorations indeed.

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