Sneaky Peeky into My Studio Time

So I promised a sneak peek at what was on my art table and here it is!  (feel free to drum roll if you like....)

This is Dad's old Jeep Truck...we are such a Jeep family.  I think we always had a Jeep something growing up.  My 2nd car was a Jeep CJ7, then in college I had a Jeep Wangler.  Never should have gotten rid of either of them!  This truck does run.  And it has the prettiest creamy white new paint job!

And this is my Dad's newest boat.  It's a Feathercraft vintage one (gotta get the year and name).  It seriously looks like a cruiser from the 50's.  It's got those raised fender thingies in the back and the seats, well you really should see them in person.  They are positioned like a car.  You know, 2 bench seats, one in front of the other. So you ride facing front instead of around the perimeter of the boat.  It's great.  Oh, and the best part, the steering wheel is red!  I love red and turquoise together, turns out that's a color combo that Feathercraft likes too!

I am tickled that most of the images I paint are owned by people I know.  The Chevy truck I paint is my buddy Laura's old truck.  My Dad has the camper, boat and Jeep truck.  I have a garage full of bike inspirations of my own.  And the In-Laws, well I plan to get a photo of their golf cart this week!   Also in my head are some buildings.  And when I get this way, well it stirs me so that I usually give in and start painting.  So we will see where this new idea leads me very soon.  For now I've got a few paintings already drawn out and waiting a paint job.  Be back later in the week!


linwood avenue said...

ooh, i LOVE the boat. it's a keeper :)

Inferno said...

Digg'n the Jeep and what it says... What a fun and strange perspective.

Dianne said...

Love these! We had a swamp buggy made from an old Jeep pick up truck. And for a while I drove a CJ5... I loved that Jeep and it's the only car I've owned that I truly miss... I'd love to see how you render an old Harley motorcycle!

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