What You Are..Thought For the Day

 Last night I was so pumped up from the end of camp that I just couldn't stand the thought of getting in bed.   And my mind was just too tired for working on anything.  So what's a chick to do?  Well we have HBO now, which I always forget about, and showing at 11PM was The Women with Meg Ryan, Jada Smith, Annette Benning and the Debra Messinger (OK, may not have spelled any of those names right, but you know who I'm talking about, right?).  I'd not seen this move in a really long time and had forgotten how much I enjoy it!  What a great lesson inside of the story as well about friendships.  Meg and Annette's characters have a falling out in the middle of the movie and Meg says that what Annette did hurt more than the husband cheating.  Yikes.  What is it about friendships that can be so very painful?  And blindsiding so most of the time.  It just creeps up and WHAM...it hits ya like a brick wall. As a general rule, women are nurturing characters. So why is it that we can throw one another outta the nest before the wings are ready? 

Then this morning I was uploading more originals into my ETSY site and this one gave me a good punch in the tummy.  "What you are will show up in what you do."  sigh.   Signs are adding up and I'm noticing them for sure.  Something is unbalanced right now.  And I am ready to face it.  Because character can only be nurtured when you are willing to accept the good, bad and ugly.  When you have a willingness to look beyond the surface and embrace the differences within your relationships.  And find that happy ground.  Life is just too dang short to be embracing relationships that do not nurture my whole heart, flaws and all 100%.   Yep.   So here's my last thought, "I live for those who love me, for those who know me true."  -G. Banks

So, how well do you know those you love?  And what have you done to nurture them lately?  I am thinking I've been slacking in this area, otherwise these signs wouldn't be neoning in my head right now. 


Kerri said...

oh, that is a great thought to ponder...thank you for sharing that.

and yes, women can be both so nurturing and so kicking each other out of nests before anyone is ready!! :)

i'm enjoying looking at your blog so much!

Debbie Demmers-Lujan said...

Yes, this is something to think about...kinda knocks us in the head once in awhile...especially when wondering why things, at the time, are not going our way. There are times God is gentle in His reminders and other times, He has to "neon" it like you said....thanks for sharing your thoughts...debbie

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