Counting Blessings

This morning I really should be painting or working on jewelry or plastering puffy hearts.  But alas no, I am staring at pictures of these two and counting my many blessings:

Summer can on occasion be a struggle for Moms. Especially those that work from home, like me. To my kids, the work I do is fun and they want to be under foot the entire time. Which I don't mind when I'm doing some projects. They help out for a bit and then get tired and move on. I engage them in activities during the day that they want as well so we all are equally stimulated. Billy wakes me as he leaves which as a general rule gives me about 2 hours before the kiddos stir (they are late sleepers, yeah!).  But other parts of the day when I am about to BURST with creative energy sometimes gets put aside.  sigh....  This morning though as I was flipping through pictures I just couldn't help but think of this quote:

"We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives."  -Dan Zaldra

So count your blessings today, and take time to thank those that make your day complete.  My kiddos, well although they are totally clueless that they do this,  make the biggest difference in my creative life and continue to mold me into the woman I am.

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Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

Hi fellow flyer, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the tagline on your blog-VERY WELL SAID!
Sincerely, Robin

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