Living In My Creative Life

I've been thinking about creativity a lot lately.  I think it's because I started reading Scoutie Girl's Blog.  And she's a big thinker.....I like that she's a big thinker.  Because she asks big questions and answers big questions that make me think.  Not that I have any problemo asking questions or thinking for that matter.  If you've ever been around me in person I can ask and talk with the best of them.  Asking questions about creativity gets my juices flowing and my passions rising though.  And I don't always have an audience for this platform of question asking.  For instance, while waiting for the Redbox video to release my chosen flick for the night, it's not uncommon for me to speak to the husband behind me who's obviously on a "Honey will you pick up a ....." run at the grocery and decided to get a movie as well, is not the person to ask, "so are you left or right brained?"  Yep.  Sometimes you gotta harness this topic for other venues.  And blogging has been just that platform.

I think too this whole e-course I'm knee deep into has got me thinking as well.  You know, about being the creative type.  Have I ever told you that in High School my Who's Who was "Most Creative".  Funny at the time because I was a musician.  But I always had the grand plan for the homecoming float, decoration themes for the dances, etc.  I was the outside of the box big creative thinker of the group.  I like that they believed this of me....because it planted a seed that has continued to grow inside my little heart for 20 years.  (Yes, that 20 reunion is around the corner for me.)  A few friends came over recently and I just flat out apologized for all the stuff.  I said you know, I try to simplify, edit and take away.  But I simply can't.  All the stuff on the walls, on the shelves, on the floor.....it stimulates my creativity.  It's who we are as a family.  They giggled and said they love coming to my house because there is so much to see.  That there is!  I think by layering my life so densely with friends, family, things and art I am building this amazing creative life.  And honestly I can't imagine it any other way. 

The painting above, it's an oldie....literally.  It's called "Mattie and Her Social Circle".  And it was the start of my finally acknowledging that being a creative type was OK.  It was one of my first true paintings.  Of course I'd painted this and that, but never put real price tags on anything.  It's sitting in the windowsill of my studio as a reminder that being on this path I will always find a circle of friends to embrace and enjoy the journey with me.  And as long as I'm not afraid to keep asking questions, the path will continue to widen and allow room for more creativity to ride along side.


sydney said...

Hey Jenni,
I LOVE that painting. I've been enjoying reading all of your little tidbits of inspirations as life still finds me unemployed and I try to embrace all of my creativity in the midst of it, even though it doesn't get me out of my parents' basement. But I did just do a little blog post on decorating and I linked to your blog since some of your artwork is in there!
Have a great weekend.
and btw - i get compliments on that butterfly necklace EVERY time i wear it!
- Sydney

Dianne said...

It's so lovely... I love your little birds... and what an inspiring piece to have in your studio??

Heather B. said...

Thank you for sharing one of your "first true paintings." I am also in the KRR ecourse and haven't been able to turn my brain off since the class started.

In high school I think I was voted "most likely to become a flower child." lol!

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