A Peek at the Weekend

So this weekend I did some painting.  I mean, it was amazing what I was able to complete.  And I am THRILLED with the new compositions.  I've got 3 Mommy/Bird/Nests, a vintage boat, two Jeep trucks and a camper all ready to go.   Like I said, thrilled.   I'll show glimpses of them tomorrow.  But today I just had to show off what the rest of our family weekend entailed.

So the pictures are of William catching, hitting and hanging out in the dugout watching patiently as his teammates hit.  The pitcher is his buddy Jack.  Man I LOVE that 1974 button on the camera bag app.  So it was a busy weekend at the ball field.  Unfortunately our little boys didn't fair so well at the state level.  We've never made it this far, so that in itself was a treat.  And we'll take this time off from the bat and ball to catch up on family weekend time.....and come fall we'll be ready for the smell of leather gloves and baseballs once again.

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