Something Yummy in the Kitchen

For William's 8th Birthday we put in a huge zip line across our backyard.  It's great fun, seriously you should come over and try it sometime!  As we were installing it however, some clearing out had to be done along the wooded line of our backyard.  There was a crazy briar patch you flew over and if not careful, a thorn could getcha!  I'm telling you it's like poor rabbit and the briar patch.  So I whacked away in February having no idea what the thorny patch was.  Come hot June however, those pesky thorns were back and this time we figured out what they were.  None other than yummy wild blackberry bushes!

Now every June we look forward to watching as the berries ripen on their thorny vines and squeal with glee when the green turns to rich purple.

Last night we filled a bowl or two and the kids were like, "Mom you are going to make pie now, right?"  Of course!  We have an old family recipe for creamy blueberry pie.  Two years ago when we discovered the ripe berries in our own backyard I decided to try the blueberry pie recipe on the blackberries.  And it is beyond yummy.  Not too sweet, not too tart.  Add some homemade vanilla ice cream, and you have the perfect summer treat.   Email me if you want the recipe!


Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox said...

pesky but yummy! such a dichotomous plant

p.s. I love that you installed a zip line. we had one at my elementary school when i was a kid and it was so much fun! it went from the top of a big hill down to the bottom. definitely the most popular piece of the playground

Ludid said...

oh, my favorite fruit. what a great summer treat.

gypsysticks said...

wow! that looks amazing!

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