Going Where I Never Thought I Would

2 years ago when I started this journey as a full-time artist and you asked me, "so when is your next show?"  Never in a MILLION years would  I have thought that this time the response would be....."Well, I have a Solo Show Opening in August."  Yep.  That's right.....all by myself.  Solo.  Hanging on the walls, just me.  Wow.  I am a little more than excited right now that it's finally close on the horizon.  She asked me exactly one year ago this weekend.  So I've had time to process, but now it's HERE!

So here's the nitty on the show.  It's being held at the Naked Art Gallery in Birmingham, Alabama.  It is meaningful in more ways than one having it here because Vero was the first gallery to believe in me.  And boy, we've come along way since my first mailing.

Here's what the show will look like:  40 paintings at least and 30 functional pieces.  I can get the paintings done right away.  The ideas are kind of swimmy right now.  But the functional pieces, well that is Vero's thing.  And kind of what the gallery is known for....functional art.  I can send jewelry, but it counts as 1 item because it will all be in a case together.  So 29 other items.....yikes.  I have some frames I can paint up, and my new jewelry can count as another because I plan to make stands for those.  So I have some thinking to do right now.  All the pieces are due August 1st.  That gives me about 8.5 weeks.  I can do it.  This summer is devoted to it really.  And I am so ready to get started.  And you know me, I've made a timeline of projects and what has to get done.  I've got two large custom orders to finish first.....and then I am hoping the ideas will explode!  I'll be sharing the journey of course.....so get ready.  And I almost forgot, the opening reception is Friday, August 20th 6-9PM and Saturday, August, 21st 1-6PM.  Hope I can see you then!


Anonymous said...

Oh jenni...that's marvelous! i'm so happy for you and proud of you !

it is really a big deal to be featured on your own! and I'm sure you'll explode all over your canvases...

be sure to journal your ideas as you go...you might need to look in them and find inspiration from yourself along the way!

your work is beautiful!
post your creative process..that would be wonderful to see!

come by for a spot of tea

ciao bella
happy tuesday!
creative carmelina

Debbie Demmers-Lujan said...

Congrats to you, Jenni!!!debbie

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Congrats on your solo show in B'ham! Thanks for coming by and your sweet comment. Your work is beautiful:)


Dianne said...

I would so be there if I was near you! What fun! Congrats!

Sweet Gypsy Promise... said...

Visiting via Flying Lessons... I love your art and your blog! Congratulations on the show, so exciting!!

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