Trust and Patience

OK.  So the silver lining came.  And here's how the conversation went.  Let me set the situation up first:  I am in my bathroom doing a clean out of the linen closet and my junk jewelry (I told you my cleaning was not normal and was like therapy!), and William was on my bed.  Actually come to think of it, William never left my bed ALL day.  Like I said, he was tired.  So I decide to broach the subject and say, "William, may I ask why you said this morning that Mommy doesn't work?"  "What Mom?"  "Why when on my computer this morning did you say that I don't work?" "Well, you know......you don't have an OFFICE like Daddy does.  And you don't get in your car to go to work real early like Daddy does."  "But William I do work, really hard in my studio painting, making jewelry and other stuff. And what about my teaching art classes, is that not work to you?"  "Well yeah, but Mom, that's FUN work.  Dad's isn't fun."  "OH....."  So I kind of dropped the subject at that point and smiled to myself.  Turns out, Daddy's work is boring and my work is fun.  And by my not having an office, I don't really "work".  And I suppose on some level I agree with him.  I can not even imagine getting up and going to a 9 to 5 job.  Of course if I did, I am sure it would be something I'd trained for and enjoyed, like Billy does.  He really likes his work, and it makes enough money that I get to have my "FUN" job.

So my "How to Grow Love" painting above was one of my favorites.  I took a close-up of this part because honestly trust and patience are on top of the list right now for me.  Yesterday was a true test to both of those.  I don't even think it needs any explaining.  Yep.  We are all good here in this little nest today.  I'm about to meet my trainer for a muscle beating, then come home to a super clean house only to land myself right here to work on a few new paintings.  I can't wait to show you my newest truck under a willow tree.  Oh man.....!  See you later, and hope you have a great day!


Nic Hohn said...

This sounds like conversations we have in our home!!

Kids perceptions are SOOO interesting.

inkSpotts Stationery said...

i love it! this is fabulous! however, you left out one VERY important job when listing all of the fantastic things that you do....MOM!!! :O)

kathleen said...

i am also an art educator and artist
teaching art is so valuable
Check out my blog sometime
it's nice to know there are so many of us who something in common

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