Art Camp Was Fabulous!

The past three days I've been teaching my first art camp of the summer.  This year I was able to hold camp at a local craft store and do three days/2.5 hours each day.  One group came before lunch, one after.  I absolutely love hosting summer camps...the kids are so excited to be there, and their imaginations are always on overload (mine too!).  So this camp was all about silly birds.  We painted a 12" x 12" canvas of birds: 

Made these crazy cute collage birds:
And last, but definitely not least, we made the whimsical bird sculptures I learned how to make in Las Vegs at Art and Soul. And yes....it's okay to squeal at their cuteness.  I sure did!!  The first class we were running like mad to finish, I even had to enroll Moms to help in the end.  So I didn't get any pictures of that groups completed birds.  The second group had 3 fewer kids, so some how we were able to add, add and add the whimsy and have a photo shoot.  So go ahead and take a  peek and enjoy my wonderful student's creations:

Next camp will be held  in July....By the way I had Mom's from almost an hour away bring their kids this time around, so if you are thinking it's too far, think again!  We have lots to see and do in Newnan while your child enjoys a little creative time with me. 


sydney @ sewineededapaycheck said...

jenni, that is too cute. Looks like so much fun. If you ever need help, let me know.

Beth said...

Those are so cute! I wish I could be in your art camp! haha!

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