Big Puffy Hearts

I on occasion say in my blog that I "big puffy heart" things.  It's a silly term that means I really like something.  I think it gets the point across better than just plain old liking something...for instance, today I am BIG puffy hearting these treats:
What are those delectable treats you ask?  I found them in the bakery section last night while seeking the red wine aisle.  They are called peanut butter no-bakes.  Yep.  The brown stuff is peanut butter and the white stuff is, well honestly I don't know what it is except totally yummy.  Sometimes you just shouldn't read the labels.   I am also literally big puffy hearting this new sculpture installation I hung last night (except for mister Naples yellow on the right who wants to hang crooked!)
About a month or so ago Debbie called and said she'd seen my bird head sculptures, and although she liked those, she wondered if I'd be willing to make 9 hearts for her office.  You see she is a counselor, and these now hang in her amazing office in Carrolton.  I am thinking that these will give her clients a very warm sense about her.  As you walk by her office they totally catch your eye!  I love the way they all turned out and can't wait to get started on some more.  Actually, she's already ordered 2 more as gifts for friends!

So what are you big puffy heart about right now??


risa said...

Love the hearts! Very nice!

angel said...

I'm big puffy heartin' summer mornings on my back porch, ice coffee, and class w/ kelly rae.
i really love your puffy hearts, and i actually think the "crooked yellow" one is just right. kind of how our hearts are from time to time. a few years ago, i did a series of ceramic hearts that i called my broken heart art. they were fun, and therapeutic...as most art is, right?
i'm liking your blog and your work...i'll be back!

Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

These are great! I love how they aren't perfect too. each one is a little different in size and shape. "Perfect" for a counselor's office!

PBsArtStudio said...

thank you so much for visiting me! I'm so glad you did because I fell in love with your art!!!uhhh.. just beautiful!!!!!And your sweet words made me smile, thanks for your encouragement.. I really needed those kind words!!!!!! :D Patti

Anonymous said...

i'm big puffy hearts about a boy named brad right now :)

~ anonymous (although i bet he has an idea that it's the case!)

what on earth are these hearts made of? The arrangement is stunning! I'm inspired!

Kelly said...

OMG I big puffy heart your etsy shop! The problem with meeting all of the cool artists is that I want stuff from each of you! I love your necklaces too, the sayings are just right for me right now. Thanks for visiting my blog too, and now I've found your wonderful work! PS,I come to Atlanta regularly for family...looks like you aren't far from Atlanta...

A Dancing Mango said...

love the hearts here Jenny and the
gold color one is just right! Dont touch it!
It is a liking to the artists heart.. Nothing perfect is interesting.!
I am in Kelly Rae's class are you?
Keep on keeping on..

Lady Wordsmith said...

Well, I'm big puffy hearts about your blog actually :) Love it. It's so positive and inspiring. And your work is beautiful indeed.

Otherwise, I'm big puffy hearting about my life, which is very fulfilling and productive right now. I'm getting on with writing my first novel, and I should finish it this year. Big puffy hearting that!

We do 'warm fuzzies' in my little bit of the world. Actually, we give them, to people who are feeling prickly and/or sad - just a smile can be a warm fuzzy, or an encouraging word or two. Or a warm fuzzy can actually be a real thing, something lovely that you might give to someone as a gift to make them smile - a warm fuzzy to me would be a brand new empty notebook for me to fill up with my ramblings :)

Glad I found your blog. You can read mine if you'd like to: wwwlindaannerawlinson.blogspot.com. But you really don't have to read it if you don't want to - I won't be offended :)


sperlygirl said...

the hearts are wonderful!!

mindy said...

poppin in from flying lessons. i love your blog! and your big puffy hearts :)

what am i puffy hearting right now? monster cookies w/out raisins. yummy. m & m's, chocolate chips, peanut butter, oatmeal, sugar. yum.

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